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The best answers to that question come from Milton CAT service technicians. When they are asked to describe what they like about their experience at Milton CAT, here's what they say:

Range and variety. "You never know what's going to come through that door." Service techs agree, if you like learning new things, this is the place.

Support. "I know that my supervisor stands behind me, he's not going to let me fail just to teach me a lesson." Our techs appreciate being challenged, but they also want to know that they are not left alone to sink or swim.

Pride. "I like telling my friends that I work here, it's a CAT dealer, and it's a top one." From the kind of truck our field service techs drive, to the state-of-the-art equipment and tools they use, the facilities where they work and the complex tasks they perform, the message is clear.

Results. "Knowing that you have been directly responsible for helping turning around a customer's day is a great feeling." Whether on the field or at the shop, our service techs experience first hand that connection between their work and the results of their work.

Teamwork. "There's always an older tech willing to teach you, and someone to give you a hand if you're stuck." Camaraderie runs deep at the shop, and makes a difference in everyday life.

Growth opportunities. "My supervisor came in as a service tech; and the manager at this location? He started his career at Milton CAT as parts warehouse clerk; that shows you something." If a career path is important to you, you should know that the growth opportunities available at Milton CAT are not just on paper.

Excellent package. "Our benefits and salary are hard to beat." No need to elaborate on this one; when all's said and done, that's probably your #1 priority.

Why Work Here

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