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A CAT Certified Rebuild is a unique program that allows certain CAT dealers who have the necessary level of facility, equipment and personnel to take apart either an entire machine, or just the PowerTrain, and then re-build it, using all new parts, assigning it a new PIN and even giving it a new warranty.

The process itself is dramatic, with the entire machine being taken apart, part by part, piece by piece, until not even its owner and operators can recognize it. As you can imagine, the team that performs a rebuild includes technicians with unique knowledge and talent, and they share a particular sense of pride and achievement. Many technicians have told us that being part of that process is a rewarding experience.

Why would a customer choose a rebuild instead of buying a new machine? The overall reason is; CAT machines are built to be rebuilt! There's more than one life to them. Cost is a good motivator, since even a completely rebuild piece of equipment will cost up to 40% less than a new one. Sometimes owners or operators particularly like and trust the performance of a favorite machine, and know what it can do for them; other times, strict EPA regulations make it worthwhile to keep an older machine working under the grandfather clause, instead of buying a new one with all the required emission controls.

At any rate, CAT Certified Rebuilds are also a sure gauge of the confidence our customers place on us and on our service teams.

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