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Meet the Service Manager

Brenna Brown

With 22 years at Milton CAT, Syracuse Service Manager Brenna Brown can attest to Milton CAT’s growth opportunities. Throughout her various positions, Brenna learned what it means to be successful at Milton CAT and she is ready to share her insights with her team.
Brenna’s willingness to learn played a key role in her professional success. While completing her business degree, Brenna began working with our parts department, then transitioned to our truck shop. She gained an in-depth understanding of our power systems division while working as a dispatcher and later as a power systems supervisor. Now as the service manager, Brenna is excited to have more exposure to the earthmoving side of the business.
Brenna approaches her position with a people-first mentality. Her team and customers are at the front of every decision she makes. Prior to implementing new processes, “I listen to everyone in my team carefully and get the full picture,” Brenna explained. One of the biggest lessons Brenna has learned from her time at Milton CAT is “honesty goes a long way.” She applies this lesson by maintaining a high level of communication and transparency with her team. When reflecting on her career, Brenna added, “Milton CAT is a great company to work for. I wouldn’t have stayed 22 years if it wasn’t.”
Outside the office, Brenna enjoys outdoor activities along with baking and cooking with her family.

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