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Hear it from the Earthmoving Team

"I like the prestige of working for CAT. When I tell someone what I do, I like the feeling that I have."

"When I am entering a situation that may be unsafe, Milton CAT is right there."

"It is a great feeling when I visit a customer who has called in other companies to fix their machine and couldn't figure it out or couldn't get it done and then I fix it - nothing beats that feeling. And they could have saved a lot of time and money calling us first."

"I want challenges. I did not get into this for easy."

"Supervisors have no problem acknowledging a job well done. Yesterday I had a manager tell me he appreciated me staying late several nights last week."

"The safety training makes you realize that you can not look past the little things. That is when you get hurt."

"TCs (Technical Communicators) are a direct link to the factory. That not only helps me, it helps the customer. I came from a dealership that had nothing like this. When you came across a manufacturing issue, it was a roadblock."

"I have the leeway to make any decision that is in the best interest of the customer."

"I appreciate that Milton CAT screens their employees like they do. I don't need to be working next to a guy who is not all there – in this job that can get you killed."

"I have a good back and forth with my manager. He does not treat me like a number. He works with me and the needs I have with my personal life, and I remember that when I get asked to work overtime."

"What do I tell my friends about my job? That it is awesome and I love it."

"You are surrounded by the best."

"We make really good money."

"A customer is never going to be happy about a bill, so if he isn't happy with the work you do on his machine, what does he have? That is on me."

"New tech needs the ability to learn and the ability to listen."

"It's a great feeling when you teach someone how to do something and you see later, that person doing it that way."

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