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Hear it from the Team(s)

"I started making really good money right out of school."

"If I was going to do it (be a technician) I was going to do it right."

"The best part of my job is doing my own work. I like to be able to think about it - how I am going to approach it, what's the best way. I hate mind-numbing work and this is not that."

"I can't imagine the training being any better than it is here. I know most of the instructors and they know me by name."

"Working on the CAT truck has been really exciting."

"Equipment is constantly changing - you are never getting bored."

"Nothing beats getting assigned to a Certified Rebuild."

"There's a wealth of information on SIS and TCs and Supervisors. If a TC can't get it, it can't be gotten."

"If you are going to be a mechanic, this is the place to be."

"When I came here I was nervous because I didn't know everything, but they said not to worry, that I have a strong aptitude and good attitude and that they would take care of the rest."

"Working at a store this size you can do everything, and you often get it start to finish."

"No one ever turns you down for help here."

"I want more than a performing machine - I want a smile on my customer's face."

"In Scarborough, it's both a laid-back but get-it-done atmosphere."

"Being monotonous would drive me crazy - each day is something new."

"All the instruction that I have had has been real floor experience - that is key, out of a book just doesn't work."

"The equipment today is so complex - training is essential. The caliber here is great, our company takes care of everything - hotels, meals, etc."

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