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Hear it from the Team(s)

"We have stability and resources, like the CAT TCs, (Technical Communicators), and supervisors who can help you, and the IT department."

"You feel that management listens to you, that they want your input. That's very important to me."

"I know that driving the truck that I do sets me apart."

"Heavy equipment offers growth and opportunity."

"I'm proud of where I work. Everybody knows us, Milton CAT has the reputation of being the best."

"Not only I would recommend this job to someone close to me, I have done it already, many times."

"It feels really good when my supervisor tells me that a customer called and wants me specifically."

"If you want to achieve your lifetime goals, this is the place."

"When you make decisions, you feel supported."

"The best part of my job? The challenges, and the satisfaction you get solving them."

"I'd want nothing more than to have my son working here."

"Don't work here if you need a babysitter."

"I get respect from customers and that feels good to me."

"Getting a Christmas card from the owner of the company impressed me."

"Milton CAT offers the most stability in the industry. There are no guarantees but this is as good as it gets."

"It is a great feeling when a customer calls in to say that it was a pleasure to have you work on their equipment."

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