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North Reading, MA

Created as an independent town in 1853, North Reading combines the charm of history and tradition with the allure and vitality of thriving businesses; an excellent Kindergarten through 12th grade public school system as well as the well-known Northeast Metro Regional Vocational School. How about this for an interesting fact - Art Kenney, retired principal of North Reading High School, is one of the oldest living former Major League baseball players.

North Reading borders Andover, North Andover, Middleton, Lynnfield, Reading, and Wilmington.

According to the 2010 census figures, population has grown from 13,837 in 2000, to 14,892. A quick look at the summer's community agenda gives you a glimpse at the every day life in this Middlesex County town - barbecues and concerts share the agenda with movie nights and a Teddy Bear picnic. Even during vacation, North Reading youth have a wealth of programs from which to choose, from Field Hockey, Football and Cheerleading, to Creative Arts and Theater.

Whether you and your family like the mountains or prefer the coastline; if city life appeals to you or the quiet country style is more your cup of tea, you have it all within easy reach. Drive just an hour and a half, tops, East, West, North or South, and experience an amazing range of different environments.

The North Reading Service Center

Our North Reading facility combines earthmoving as well as power systems support and service in the same building.

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