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Meet the Power Systems Service Manager

Tim Dailey

manager-milford.jpgHi, I’m Tim Dailey, Milton CAT’s Milford, MA, power systems service manager. Caterpillar equipment and Milton CAT have always been important parts of my life. When I was little, my dad would drive me through the Milton CAT yard as a special treat. I loved seeing all the large CAT machines and knew I wanted to work with them one day.
While finishing my bachelor’s degree at Westfield State University, I worked as a summer intern in Milton CAT’s parts warehouse. I had a hands-on opportunity to develop my skills and build my confidence. My summers at Milton CAT further inspired my passion for the equipment industry.
I have been at the company for 12 years but continue to learn new skills every day. By taking on a variety of roles in the service department I have been challenged to become the best version of myself.  Throughout my career, I have worked as a key on our ERP service team, project manager, and service operations manager. I am kept on my toes as I am encountering new people in new industries every day.
The supportive culture makes Milton CAT stand out for me. As a manager, I try to further foster this positive culture by maintaining a high level of communication. Although we are a big company, everyone is always looking out for one another. My colleagues were extremely encouraging and understanding while I was completing my master’s degree at night and throughout my career.
I consider myself a man of many hobbies outside of the office. I enjoy playing guitar and brewing my own beer.

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