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Hear it from the Team(s)

"Ours is a bigger, brighter, better shop."

"I'd recommend this job to a young person, it's a good trade, pay is excellent."

"I have a young family, a house, insurance and benefits - my job has provided for all that - it gives me a good feeling."

"Product knowledge around here is unreal."

"I've always been wrenching and now I wrench for the best."

"I left Milton for a little while and saw how things are done at other places - that is why I am back."

"Certified Rebuilds are the way to go; only CAT can do them."

"In 14 years I have never stopped learning. Milton CAT puts a value on that."

"I believe in CAT. If I need a part and the only one available is in California, it can be on my tool box in the morning - how can you not believe in a company like that?"

"The variety is hard to beat. I have worked on trucks, generators and compressors. As soon as you think that you have seen it all, there is another challenge."

"My supervisor knows that I know my job, and he lets me do it - that is respect."

"There will be a time that I will want to move to another role, and the company will support that - I know because I see it time and time again."

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