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Hear it from the Team(s)

"The guys really kept me out of trouble at the start."

"It's nice having all the tools and technology - they replace the guess work."

"I had several offers, the pay here was the best by far, and the benefits are also good."

"I have worked at places that don't even have cranes and your back pays the price after not a lot of time."

"If you want to work on a superior piece of equipment, this is the only place to be."

"When a new guy comes in, I am anxious to talk to him and see what I can learn."

"The money is good, but the real rewards come from the job."

"There is nothing more rewarding than a rebuild. After tearing it down and putting it back together, I truly feel that it is better than it was new."

"I feel like I was very lucky, but I also knew that if I could get my foot in the door I could make it here."

"If you like the challenge of learning and growing, it is all here."

"The supervisors listen when you talk to them - you know that because you can see your ideas put into place."

"The people here were very helpful when I started. I didn't have all the tooling and I didn't have all the answers. Everyone really chipped in."

"It is important that you tell the customer the truth, even when it may not be what they want to hear. The managers support that."

"You can't be afraid, you have to be able to ask questions, the guys want to help."

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