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Meet the Service Manager

Tim McCluskey

manager-brewer.jpgTim McCluskey has been with Milton CAT since 1984. The Bangor, Maine Service Manager started his career at Milton CAT in the machine prep area and also worked as the equipment shop welder for the location until the fall of 1986 when he began working as a field serviceman focusing primarily on excavator hydraulic system repairs and tree harvesting equipment. Tim would often be assigned to fill in for the field, shop and power systems supervisors while they were scheduled away from the office for Ongoing Training or on vacation. Tim became the heavy equipment shop supervisor in October of 1991 and remained in that position until the summer of 2005 when he became the Brewer Service Manager. But he makes it very clear, he still truly enjoys the challenges of working on Caterpillar construction and forestry equipment or welding on a replacement cutting edge.

Tim describes himself as a production and profit-driven manager who has a relationship with his crew and makes his expectations clear; he thinks that one of the most important parts of his job is to communicate with, and help our customers realize the value that a trained Milton CAT service technician can bring. According to Tim, his technicians have confidence that he understands the challenges they face day-to-day because he himself has been exposed to the same jobs and challenges. He believes strongly in his team and has very high standards for them – "I want to see all of my technicians reach the top scale as a serviceman quickly as possible, to me that means that they are reaching their true potential and providing our customers the highest level of service!" The Brewer Service Manager knows that a technician's job at Milton CAT is demanding and he doesn't mind his team members having a little ego; he actually believes that they must show a high level of confidence, and that's a good thing! As he adds – "At Milton CAT we do things differently, we take extra pride in our appearance, how we go about our work and how we represent Milton Cat and Caterpillar, and an important part of doing the job properly is truly in the delivery, both in terms of the products we sell and support and the documentation supporting the work that we do."

Tim is a graduate of the Wyoming Technical Institute, and before joining Milton CAT he worked for a construction and trucking company in Aroostook County.

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