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Meet the Service Manager

Tim Faucett

manager-batavia-(2).jpgWhen he joined Milton CAT, Tim Faucett brought 15 years of experience working at a company that manufactures and services specialty harvesting equipment for crops, first as manager of service operations, and later, as service coordinator for worldwide operations. At the time he was hired by Milton CAT in 2005, Tim was service manager at a hydraulics company in Darien, New York. So when the Milton CAT Batavia Service Manager states that he was really blown away by the caliber of people throughout the company, his opinion carries some weight; Tim has been around.

"This is a progressive company; their foresight is pretty evident," summarizes Tim, who hopes that every new person he hires feels the same way he felt when he was first hired. And in terms of hiring, he's pretty clear – "It's all about attitude, we cannot teach that, either you have it or you don't." Tim thinks it's crucial to put himself in other people's shoes; to take your time and to be very clear. He sees himself as a resource for his supervisors; he wants to plant the right seeds, give tools and directions, but then stand back and let them take ownership – "In that way they believe in what they do, and have real passion."

Communication is key, according to Tim, and he makes sure customers really understand what they are getting and at what price. As a manager, though, he may sometimes decide to filter the type of comment that's not going to be useful or helpful for his supervisors and their technicians, focusing on passing on to them only what's needed. He definitely thinks his background in service and hydraulics helps – "the guys know that is where my roots are and they still come to me with questions."

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