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Hear it from the Team(s)

"Working here there are so many things that you can work on, you never know what is going to roll through that door."

"People in the building make the job, but a nice building can make a big difference."

"We expect a lot out of the younger guys - we help them but sometimes we are tough on them - customers pay a lot and it's everyone's reputation on that one guy's shoulders."

"Our technicians are very team-orientated."

"My parents are very proud of me."

"You are under the gun, you need to get stuff done, but it is rewarding."

"For the senior guys to like you, you need one thing - a good attitude."

"I worked for another dealer in the past where a service truck was a pickup with a tool bag thrown in the back."

"I have worked for two other dealers and I have found that the caliber of people here is by far the best. That pushes me."

"The reputation of the service department is the reputation of the dealership."

"Coming from a small company and never having what you needed, I can tell you that having the right tools makes a big, big difference."

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